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Modus Kratom Display

Modus Kratom Display

Modus Gold Series Kratom Liquid Extract 12ct
FLO - Malay (Focus) 280mg 12ct
Mello - Indo (Relax) 280mg 12ct
Zing - Mang Da (Energy) 280mg 12ct

Modus Gold Series Kratom Capsules 10pk
FLO - Malay (Focus) 600mg 3ct 10pk
FLO - Malay (Focus) 1200mg 6ct 10pk
Mello - Indo (Relax) 600mg 3ct 10pk
Mello - Indo (Relax) 1200mg 6ct 10pk
Zing - Mang Da (Energy) 600mg 3ct 10pk
Zing - Mang Da (Energy) 1200mg 6ct 10pk

Modus Gold Series Kratom Gummies 5pk
FLO - Malay (Focus) 1000mg
Mello - Indo (Relax) 1000mg
Zing - Mang Da (Energy) 1000mg
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Elevate Your Kratom Selection with Modus Award-Winning Gold Series Display!  Introducing the ultimate trifecta in kratom excellence – the Modus Gold Series Display! Featuring their renowned Kratom Shots, Kratom Gummies, and Kratom Extract Capsules, this display is your key to unlocking unprecedented success in the kratom market. Why settle for the ordinary when you can offer your customers the extraordinary? Crafted with the finest ingredients and precision, Modus Kratom products are meticulously formulated to deliver a premium experience. Here's what you'll find in the Modus Gold Series Display:  Gold Series Kratom Shots: Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (280mg), Mitragynine (118mg) Strains: Flo (Malay), Mello (Indo), Zing (Maeng Da) Size: 0.5 fluid ounces Nanotized ingredients for enhanced potency  Gold Series Kratom Capsules: Ingredients per capsule: Mitragyna Speciosa (200mg), Mitragynine (85mg) Strains: Flo (Malay), Mello (Indo), Zing (Maeng Da) Included in 3-capsule (600 mg) or 6-capsule (1200 mg) packs  Gold Series Kratom Gummies: Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (100mg), Mitragynine (70mg) Strains: Flo (Malay), Mello (Indo), Zing (Maeng Da) Strength: 100mg per gummy, 1000mg per bag Each bag contains 10 delicious gummies infused with nanotized ingredients But that's not all – experience the freedom to try these exceptional products risk-free for 45 days! With our Buy Now, Pay Later option, you can stock up on the Modus Gold Series Display today and pay later. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to elevate your shop's kratom selection and delight your customers with the best of the best. Order your Modus Gold Series Display now and embark on a journey to kratom greatness!